Learning from the Best

Timeless inspiration For my spring semester I was hesitant about taking “World Literature.” As a writer, I appreciate good writing but the “classics” always seemed so daunting to me. In high school lit classes, I never understood Shakespeare or bothered to challenge myself when reading. After going through almost a whole semester of World Lit, […]

Intramural Basketball Championships

It has been a few weeks since the start of March Madness. The NCAA tournament finally came to a close on Monday night, but intramurals are still yet to be decided. Tonight was the intramural basketball championship games for men’s A and B leagues as well as the women’s league. It’s all for “the Hardware” […]

Ode to the Plaza

My back rests in a canopy of grass as I watch clouds lazily drift behind the clock tower. Oh, I have been here many times before. Whether I lay down on the plaza in exhaustion, filled with anxiety about papers, relationships and the future, or whether I sit down after I have been beckoned by […]

Getting God into Your Week

Getting a break from the norm To be totally honest, chapel is hit or miss for me. There are some weeks where there is a speaker who really engages me and leaves me thinking about what they said for days after. Other speakers, however, I forget about as soon as I get back to my […]