Easter Sunday

This weekend marks the celebration of Easter Sunday. This is a marvelous time, as every time thinking about Christ is, to reflect on Christ dying for our sins and laying everything on the line for humanity. In him, we live, move, and have our being. In understanding that you can see how Easter Sunday is […]


We’ve all heard the cliches… Spring brings life, April showers bring May flowers, and spring is a time for revival. Sayings like this permeate the spring season, and I know it’s nothing new. However after a dismally long winter this year, this spring has brought a welcome change to the feel of the campus as […]

Core 200 Chicago Trip

Last Weekend I took a trip with my Core 200 class to the windy city of Chicago. The trip was centered around experiencing Chicago culture as well as exploring firsthand the various topics that we have discussed in class such as race, disability and social structures. And so in many ways, our trip to Chicago […]

Learning from the Best

Timeless inspiration For my spring semester I was hesitant about taking “World Literature.” As a writer, I appreciate good writing but the “classics” always seemed so daunting to me. In high school lit classes, I never understood Shakespeare or bothered to challenge myself when reading. After going through almost a whole semester of World Lit, […]

Intramural Basketball Championships

It has been a few weeks since the start of March Madness. The NCAA tournament finally came to a close on Monday night, but intramurals are still yet to be decided. Tonight was the intramural basketball championship games for men’s A and B leagues as well as the women’s league. It’s all for “the Hardware” […]

Ode to the Plaza

My back rests in a canopy of grass as I watch clouds lazily drift behind the clock tower. Oh, I have been here many times before. Whether I lay down on the plaza in exhaustion, filled with anxiety about papers, relationships and the future, or whether I sit down after I have been beckoned by […]