Kicking the Year Off

Well, the last few weeks have been quite the whirlwind; I have not even had a chance to catch my breath. I could spend quite a few blog posts catching you readers up on all that has been going on around campus. But, I must say, that it feels pretty good to be done with […]

“I’ve Got the Joy Joy Joy…”

Recently I have been filled with the deepest joy. I almost feel like I am at the beginning part of a good romantic relationship. I have butterflies, tears often fill my eyes with joy, and I just can’t stop smiling no matter what circumstances I have. But it’s not because of a circumstance ¬†or person […]

My best friend’s wedding

I remember the day that I first met Manda Fron. It was the first Saturday of my freshman year, and I was still extremely insecure and hoping to make friends. I was waiting in the lobby of U-hall (now Andrews Hall) for my guy friend, and she was waiting as well for hers, when I […]

Moving-in tips

It has been a good few months away from Spring Arbor. I have managed to stay quite busy, almost forgetting the fact that I will be headed back to school in a few weeks. I am not too worried about moving back on campus. I still have almost all of my dorm room stuffed away […]