The year of firsts

With two years at SAU under my belt, I’ve officially started my junior year and have been busier than ever. The opportunity to immerse myself in “college life” once more has me smiling from ear to ear, and I am eager to see what unfolds in the months ahead. This year especially, I’ve experienced many […]

Reaching conclusions

Let’s get down to business  Last Friday I attended an underrated event called “Our Changing World: A Research Symposium.” This four-hour set of continuous lectures gave students and other faculty the chance to see what kind of research is being done here at SAU. While the topic I listened to might have gone over my head […]

Home… Coming?

When I say Homecoming weekend, what comes to mind? Probably a football game and school dance right?. . . As I reflect more on the ins and outs of it what Homecoming is, I can’t help but think what a fascinating national tradition it is! Think about it—how many schools do you know that don’t celebrate homecoming. […]

Kicking the Year Off

Well, the last few weeks have been quite the whirlwind; I have not even had a chance to catch my breath. I could spend quite a few blog posts catching you readers up on all that has been going on around campus. But, I must say, that it feels pretty good to be done with […]