Shooting for a new hobby

Keeping an eye out  For my professional writing major, it’s required to take a class called Photo Journalism. This class isn’t about photography basics or learning the exposure pyramid,  it’s about honing our skills as potential journalists to know the difference between a good and bad photo to print. I’ve really enjoyed the class, mostly because of […]

Rootin’ tootin’ fun!

Choptoberfest is an event where you can get your hillbilly on: talk in that redneck accent, wear overalls, bandanas, flannel shirts, and grow out that hipster beard. The event happens in the courtyard of Ogle Village. Choptoberfest celebrates manliness and the highlander lifestyle through events like the caber toss, the lumber jack obstacle course, hatchet […]

Wilderness warrior

Fake it till you make it… I’m a freshman here at SAU. Everything is smooth sailings so far. I have friends. I know how to get to my classes, and I’m starting to get the hang of time management. I was so busy “faking it till I was making it” that I forgot one thing […]

FALLing for beauty

Beta two babes decided to bond by having a floor event. We all loaded up in three cars and headed to a trail to go hiking. As I was walking with the bold breeze hitting my face, I was in the front of the line, but by the end of the hike, I was in […]

God’s in the details

I love fall – the colors of the leaves, hot drinks, sweaters, hipster boots, and cuddling – all very exciting when the fall time rolls around! One thing that the change in weather and scenery has really made me think about this year is God being in the details. This fall I’ve taken time to […]