An Ode to Chelsea

The Chelsea Clocktower is one of many features that separates Chelsea from other typical towns and cities.

Located 35 minutes outside of Spring Arbor is a small city, known as Chelsea. Despite growing up in the small town of Gregory, I did everything in Chelsea; I attended high school, went to church, worked, and completed all of my shopping in Chelsea. The only time I went to a similar city of equal distance from Gregory was when I wanted Dairy Queen, which was found in the high school rival town of Dexter. Ultimately, Chelsea was what I considered my hometown, and after four and a half years at Spring Arbor University, I still call Chelsea home.

Since I have lived right outside of Chelsea most of my life, driving through downtown can often be taken for granted. I have seen the local coffee shops and stores, the factories and restaurants, and much more of the same because I would cruise through Chelsea so many times a day. While I do love Chelsea, I realize I often take for granted the unique design and layout of the historic city.

For spring semester, I am student teaching. Before student teaching began, I found out I was to be placed back in Chelsea. Once I found out about the news, I knew I would be spending the next six weeks in Chelsea once again. However, after nine weeks of living in Chelsea full-time, I have finally taken an actual stroll through the beautiful city. It was then that a thought came to mind: I would never want to leave such a great city.

I love small cities. The local shops, the residential area blending in with the city, and the energetic feeling you get on a cool night makes the idea of living in a small city a dream. So, if you are looking for some small city adventure, look no further than 35 minutes away, between Spring Arbor and Ann Arbor, and take a visit to the historical city of Chelsea, Michigan.