Blue G’Noo

Kameron Perry (on the right) dressed as our PA Levi Norris (on the left).

Last Friday, Spring Arbor University had its anual CORE 100 “Blue G’Noo” event. For the event each CORE 100 group is supposed to dress like their own Peer Advisor (PA). The group who was voted the most dressed like their PA was awarded. My CORE 100 group ended up winning the PA look-a-like competition, dressing as our PA Levi Norris. For the rest the event, every CORE group had to run through campus and find disguised PAs and get their signature. By the end of the allotted time whoever had the most signatures would have won the event. On top of trying to find as many PAs as possible, the group who found the “Blues G’Noo” would get bonus points.

The “Blue G’Noo” event was a great experience of bonding for all the CORE 100 groups. The laughter and joy of friendship seemed to negate the fact that it was pouring raining outside and that we were completely sweaty from running around campus. The joy experienced from just letting go of any and all cares of the week brought a feeling of peace and strong community. I am so thankful for events like “Blue G’Noo”; they give opportunity to just get away from all the cares and burdens of school work. The community built here at SAU is something I personally would never give for the world.

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