Focus Series

For those of you who are not familiar with some of Spring Arbor’s events here on campus, allow me to fill you in on the most recent event I attended: Focus Series.

Every year, Spring Arbor hosts an event called the Focus Series. For this event, the university picks a theme, (last year’s theme was money) and this year they picked the social media and how it affects certain areas of the Christian life. So the university actually takes a whole day (that means the day off of classes!) to offer work shops and Q&A times for students and other faculty to invest more in the topic and how it applies to them.

Focus Series

See! I told you it was packed!

I personally attended the first workshop, where SAU invited a speaker from Calvin College to talk about how media has changed over the past few years and how it is still shaping how we do things today. Fascinating stuff. And I didn’t really think too many people would show up, but I was pleasantly surprised because the venue was packed full! We had to go to the Dining Commons to bring in more chairs. I mean, I’m sure the possibility of winning a free ipad had some people excited and made them show up. Or maybe it was the free pizza. Who knows!

All I know what that I enjoyed the session, and everyone else I talked to did as well.

God bless!

– Mark