Red Lobster’s Biscuits!

Commercials advertise restaurants with platters of eye appealing, mouth watering food especially their dinner rolls and biscuits. In most places where I’ve dined the bread is normally served first. The commercials have been misleading in many cases. When you pick up a biscuit should it crumble to pieces? Uh NO! Should it taste like cake batter? Yuck! Should it look unappetizing? No way! There’s no question when it comes to Red Lobster’s biscuits. I absolutely love to eat there, because of their delicious biscuits. They have a wonderful taste. The biscuits are both fluffy and buttery. I cannot guess the seasoning they use, but it is not too overwhelming to my taste buds. What makes the taste better is the smell. Whenever I need a wonderful treat, I order a side of biscuits to satisfy my appetite. The texture of the biscuits are delightful and appealing. In most seafood restaurants you get an entrée of  buttery, rough textured garlic bread sticks or biscuits. Red Lobster gives you biscuits that are never to flakey. They are just right and this is simply quality. They are better than your normally made “out the box” biscuits. Their biscuits look, feel, smell, and taste exceptional. Any food critic would absolutely love these whether for a snack or for dinner. I enjoy eating the biscuits because they excite my taste buds. I love Red Lobster’s delicious biscuits.