Spiritual Lesson: Firm Foundation or Sandy Foundation?

Is your foundation in Jesus Christ?

Recently, I have been intrigued by a great parable from the Bible. It is found in Luke 6:45-49, and it talks about the foolish man building his house on sand and wise man building his house on the firm foundation. The waves came up and the house on the sand was demolished while the house on the rock was immovable.

Many times, we flood our minds and hearts with the sand. We put our mind on things that destroy us; we worry, we are jealous, and we do not put our trust in other things and not God alone. While we try to justify why we feel, act, and behave the way we do, God reminds us that our foundation built on ourselves (the sand) will only destroy who you were meant to be in Christ. On the other hand, your house will not be demolished if you concentrate on the Lord and make the conscious decision to trust him completely.

“Our blessing is to know that God is in control,” writes St. Augustine in his work titled, Confessions. The famous theologian and philosopher was referring to God and how he is who we should place our trust in. God is in control already, but when you choose to let him do things his way through you, everything begins to fall into place. Folks, build your mind, body, and soul on the firm foundation that never wavers; it is in Jesus Christ. Today, make that decision to make the day about him. Once your mindset switches to a Christ-centered approach, it makes a world of difference in your life.

Be blessed friends,