Surviving the “cold”

My necessities

My necessities in this season

Some of you, while reading the title, may have assumed that I am talking about the weather. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but Michigan has actually been having, what I like to call, Rock-On weather and it really hasn’t been that cold.

In the title, I am actually referring to the dreadful sickness that seems to reared its nasty head every February. So I have put together a little survival kit so that you can better prepare yourself for the coming Cold.

Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience in this area. I always get a cold in February. Without fail. Happens every time. So, naturally, I’ve acquired quite a little arsenal to help the battle. Here is my list of necessities when the cold strikes:

1. Tea – there is nothing better for the throat than some nice hot tea. No, you cannot just go to the gas station, buy the 99 cent can and heat it up. Not only is that cheating, but it just won’t cut it when compared to the good stuff. Go to the store and buy some tea packets. It’s cheaper anyway. (Add honey if you can. It’s wonderful!)

2. Nyquil/Dayquil – I actually buy the knockoff brand because it’s cheaper and it works the same. At least for me.

3. Sleep. Obviously, I can’t really take a picture of this. But sleep as much as possible. You’re body needs to rest!! So let it.

So that’s my survival list. I hope it helps you out! What do you reccommend for making it through cold season? Did I miss something on my list?

God bless!

– Mark