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Chicago: A Core 200 Experience!

Every CORE 200 class gets to take a trip to Chi-Town! The trip is a mix between a culture experience and a fun weekend in a big city. The weekend before Halloween, my class took the infamous Chicago trip and it was amazing! Our people movers pulled out at 7:45 a.m. that chilly Friday morning. […]

Missional Living

Over the past month or so the Spring Arbor Free methodist Church across the street from campus has been doing a series called “Missional Living”. Hearing the messages presented every Sunday, God struck something within me. I began to think about how much I have been blessed with and how so many people are no […]

It Has Been Too Long

Its been about a month since I have done a blog post, and in all honesty, I have missed it! I have been extremely busy with my classes, work, extracurriculars, and some pretty great things happening in my life! To start off, I had an awesome J-term and learned some really cool things in class […]

Spring Term

Here we are, January 26, the first day of spring term. We have pushed through the excruciating J-term of 2012. However, with the trying J-term past, we have come to meet new challenges. The shouts of victory over the extremely crunched class periods must be cut short, for we face a new giant in our […]

A New Year Right Around the Corner

Wow, what a year. From graduating high school to the first semester of college, this year has been full of big life-changing moments. For the freshmen of SAU, the year 2011 has been a year of incredible memories. Some of the biggest moments of our lives have happened in this year, and that in itself is something […]

Friends for the long-run

Being back home has given me the opportunity to relax, but it also has also given me the chance to ponder on some things. As I have been home for nearly two whole weeks, I couldn’t help but notice a change in how my old friends would interact with me. Being away from someone and […]