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Chapel Update

Chapel Yesterday was really good. Adam Davidson, the former worship arts pastor for SAFMC came to speak and was one of the funniest speakers we have had this year. He did an impersonation of Ron Kopicko that was spot on. Pastor Davidson is at least six foot 4 and probably twice the size and half […]

Talents For Christ

Chapel is usually the same format every week, first a scramble for the latecomers to find an open seat, next Chapel Band leads the school in worship and then a speaker will speak and conclude the service with a prayer. The Talents for Christ chapels are a great way to mix up that typical chapel […]

Senior Expedition

Every year Spring Arbor puts on a Senior Expedition event, which is a time for high school seniors to stay overnight and visit the campus. The best part about this is that the kids get a real look into the college life because they stay overnight in the dorms. Four guys from my high school […]

Supporting Student Speakers

Quotes and Scripture

This past Wednesday, we had three student speakers share their testimonies during chapel. This was a really cool opportunity for these students to share their journeys with the rest of the student body. After an amazing time of worship, David Owsley, Kathryn Bristor, and Cheyenne Martinez-Trevino took the time to share their stories. My housemates […]


Wednesdays chapel this week absolutely touched my heart. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that Spring Arbor University encourages students to engage in worship every week. This week, in particular, were three student speakers. David, Kathryn and Chyenne opened up their hearts this week and shared their testimonies while encouraging the student body, and reminding us […]

Content While Waiting

Psalm 27:14

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 27:14 NIV This morning during chapel, Anna Wilkinson (Resident Director of Gainey Hall), gave a message on waiting. Right now, many of you (including myself), may feel like you are in a time of waiting… waiting to graduate, waiting […]