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Resume Season

It is almost the end of that time of year. People are being hired and re-hired for campus student leadership jobs. It is an exciting and nerve-racking process that teaches everyone something. One, it shows people where their strengths and weaknesses are. That will come in handy when it is time to step out into […]

Spring Break

We are all back at school after our wonderful week long Spring Break. Some went far away, while others hung around Michigan. It is always so interesting to see what people did because it really does vary so much. There are some people I know who decided to take a vacation with friends from school. […]

Online Classes at SAU

Online classes are a pretty cool invention. You get to get in the credits for a class, yet you get to choose when you go to class. Spring Arbor University offers many of their courses online with great professors. I have really enjoyed taking online classes. So far I have taken two courses online and […]

Weekend Classes

Yes, we all have classes each week as college students, but did you know that some classes are only offered on the weekends? I got to experience this during Interim 2013. I am an Early Childhood Education major and part of that is taking a class on how to teach physical education and health. When […]

New Years Resolutions

I know that we are a few weeks into 2013 already (which is crazy!!), but I have been seriously thinking about News Years resolutions. We hear about them every year when the ball is getting ready to drop at midnight. “I am going to lose x amount of pounds.” “I am going to be a […]

The Walking Dead Phenomenon

Do you like zombies? Are you not sure? Try them out for a spin by watching The Walking Dead on AMC! Warning: there is lots of blood and guts, but among all of that is an amazing, twisting, crazy plot. I am pretty squeamish, but I can handle it; sometimes I just need to look […]