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A Good Ending to a Great Story

It’s one of those nights where the air is just a tad bit too cold, so it makes you feel alive. And my friends and I wanted to go star gazing, even though there were no stars, ¬†and we sat in my room mate’s convertible overlapping each other as we swam in a sea of […]

The “Love Verse”

We all know the “love verse” well. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 tells us what true love is. It helps us to understand God better since He is Love. I have begun a study of this verse with my girls on my floor for Bible study. Each week we are going to look at one aspect of […]

Being An SLA


This year, I have joined the ever growing Spiritual Life Advisor team. It has been an amazing experience so far and I would like to share with all of you what it is like to be an SLA. Picture this: as a Resident Assistant (RA) you must fine people for various things, keep the halls […]

Community Matters

College life is busy and continuously full of excitement and things to do (if you leave your room). I have already talked about how great the community is here at Spring Arbor but I cannot say enough about the difference that I see in my own life through my interactions and fellowship that I have […]

Twilight Saga!

As many people know, the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out November 16th! My floor decided we were going to make an event out of it and go together to the midnight showing. Almost the entire floor went, including out Resident Director, Kelly McGraw! We piled into the cars and headed to […]

Grease – You’re the One that I Want!

Hannah and Maddy after the performance of 'Grease'

Last weekend, Western High school’s drama department performed the musical Grease at the Performing Art Center at Western. So why would college students attend at high school production? Because we are involved in the community! My roommate Hannah Baker and I went with another friend to see the high schoolers perform. Hannah is actively involved […]