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In the Books

Books, books, and more books! So far, in most of my classes I have had to read, read, read. I can not complain at all because of the simple fact that reading happens to be a hobby of mine. Yes…It has been really heavy reading material, but I take some time, turn my music on, […]

Spring Semester

Well, well, well ….We have finally arrived at a new semester. This semester I am really excited because I am setting new expectations for myself. It is so crazy how fast this year has actually been going. I’m pretty sure that many of my colleagues would agree and say that fall semester just flew by. […]

Criminal Justice (CRJ) 217

For my Criminal Justice class this week, my professor took us on a tour of the Jackson County Jail. While I was very nervous about this adventure, I was also excited about what I would be able to see. We were able to see the visitation area where inmates are able to see their families. […]