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Friday night, I sat in my room contemplating whether or not I was going to attend the homecoming dace. In the back of my mind I just simply wanted to sleep, until my friends called my phone. I answered, and one of my friends said, “Kendra, I promise I will come and drag you out […]

Eventful Weekend

This past weekend was one of the best weeks ever. Not only did the campus host Relay for Life, but there was also a Switchfoot concert being held at the field house. There was also the admissions event for high school juniors, Junior Exploration. There were so many people on campus. It was so exciting […]

Karaoke Nights

One of the many things I love about Spring Arbor University is when karaoke nights are held on campus. It continues to be one of many nights where students are able to take a quick break from their busy schedule and enjoy fellowship, laughs and fun.There was a karaoke and open mic night held this […]


LAMROF! Its FORMAL spelled backwards. Over the weekend the ladies of Gainey Hall dressed as wacky as they could, brought out their best dance moves, and had some fun. It was held on Friday night in the Lobby on the second floor of Gainey. The festivities that night were really alive. There was food, food, […]

Missions Trip Thrift Store

Last night was the Puerto Rico Missions Trip Thrift Store. Everything there was only a dollar. How many times do you get a change to rummage through your neighbors clothes and save money and purchase nice things for a cheap price? There were tables with a variety of shirts, sweaters, shoes, and much more. It […]