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The Important Things….

Intramural sports are a time when those of us who never get a chance to compete have an opportunity to let out some of that competitive energy that builds up after hours of studying.¬†Unfortunately it can be humbling to realize that the lack of exercise has overwhelmingly taken control of your mobility. But that is […]

Supporting our Women’s Soccer Team from Afar

Students congregated at the Fireside in order to support our women's soccer team as they played in Alabama

Around 4:00 p.m., the snow finally began falling from the sky. The bitter cold, fierce wind, and slick sidewalks reminded students that it was better to be inside (a classroom, library, dorm or the student center) than it was to be outside. Meanwhile, across the country in Alabama, our women’s soccer team was preparing to […]

Women’s soccer vs. Taylor!


I love sports games! Especially soccer now that we can have night games! The new field that SAU just built this past year has some awesome lighting which means that the games at night look great in photos! Tonight was another great game for SAU as they took on Taylor! The girls soccer team did […]

Homecoming games!

So glad I stayed to see this! Very proud of the guys soccer team!

One of my favorite things about Homecoming weekend is the sports games. It’s one weekend where you can¬†watch all of the SAU Cougar games and they’re all within walking distance. I started off the day with the guys’ tennis team. They were playing in the conference finals and I am pleased to report to you […]

Bright Lights: Enhancing the Intramural Experience

Intramural Soccer

Walking a quarter of a mile to play soccer is not always the most exciting activity to take part in; take, for example, Gallagher Field. When Gallagher field was borrowed for intramurals, students had to leave 10 minutes early in order to play a 45 minute game of soccer. Sometimes, there would be forfeits and […]

A New Soccer Field

Hola Cougs! We have some exciting news around campus, a new soccer stadium is coming our way. The stadium will be located next to the baseball diamond, behind the Ogle Villages. That is the location of the field at the moment, but that spot is about to get renovated, big time. The field to going […]