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Arbor Games ’13

Classes have been in session for a few weeks now and students are just starting to get back in the flow of school and homework. It feels good to finally get back in the swing of school or “back in the grind” as I like to call it. Spring Arbor is full of traditions that come and go […]

Steak Dinner from Arbor Games

The yummy steak buffet!

Last week, I mentioned that my team for Arbor Games WON! This week, we had our celebratory steak dinner for all of the Scrabble Team participants. It was delicious! (If anything, this post is to show you what the Arbor Games victors receive when they win… and provide incentive to win next year). We had […]

Lip Sync 2012

It’s that time of year! Lip Sync 2012 was this past Saturday, and all of the groups brought their “A” game to Western High School. An hour before the show, Spring Arbor University students were already lining up to enter the auditorium… and the line went all the way out the door! We had a […]

Week of LOVE

Check out the large neon LOVE letters on the side of Whiteman-Gibbs!

Over the weekend, someone was a busy bee and decorated the side of the Whiteman-Gibbs Science building. I’m sure many students on campus have seen the large “LOVE” plastered on the side of the building in bright yellow neon squares. So what could this mean? Is it in preparation for Valentines day? Not exactly. This […]

Men’s Basketball MCC Tournament

Wednesday, the Men’s Basketball team had a game at Huntington University, the first game of the MCC tournament. Our guys were in the pack of teams going into the tournament and had a lot of hope going up against Huntington because they’ve beaten them before. Thanks to student development and select students, people movers were […]

Skating for Tuques

What is a tuque? This is a question I’ve asked annually for almost two years but have been too scared to ask anyone! The “Skating for Tuques” event comes annually in January; Spring Arbor students flock to Jackson’s Optimist Ice Arena for skating and games involving skating. Besides just skating with friends, there were girls […]