The Beauty of Education

Although only an individual, I have the opportunity to make an impact on many lives at once.

Every morning during the week, I walk into a 5th grade classroom hoping the day will be filled with learning and academic growth. A majority of the time, the lessons I am teaching that day cloud my thoughts and keep me focused on what is to come. Though my intense focus on my responsibilities is a good thing, most of the time my best days teaching come when I am more focused on my students learning.

Lately, the approach to learning has changed from a focus on what the teacher is teaching to what the students are learning, and on my very best teaching days, the latter occurs. These days are filled with teacher-to-student interaction, and they are the moments I especially love about teaching.

During these teaching moments, although I am just an individual in a classroom of 30, I feel blessed far more than I ever thought I would be. After all, to be one man impacting the lives of 30 students at the same time is inspiring in itself. Like a small berry on the branch of a bush, I am one person with the opportunity to make the lives of the classroom better.

Be inspirational my friends,