The Last Chapel

Bittersweet. The one word I would use to describe chapel. I remember the many years I would sit in the very front of the church right before the stage. I would not even sit in the pew, but sit close enough to where I would see spit dribbling off of speakers like Tony Campolo. I remember watching the different chapel band members come and go, wondering along the way if the next group would top the one before it.

I remember the beginning of this semester, when it never crossed my mind that this was it: the last semester of chapel attendance. Now, I realize those days are done. Getting up at 9:45, taking a shower and running through cold weather to reach the church right on time, will never happen again. I loved worshipping with great people and offering my praise with great songs. I will miss the amazing speakers that come and bring the word. Chapel has always helped me wake up on a positive note because the chapels I have attended always provide hope for the day and the future.

This past chapel was Christmas chapel, and it was a great reminder of the season we are in. There was Christmas music, Christmas skits, and a short word from Chaplain Ron Kopicko. Even the Ormston Hall guys took part in a Christmas song. It was a wonderful way to end the semester, and for some, their college career.

I will miss those chapels and will forever be grateful for what they have taught me.


In this video, SAU students in choir let their voices be heard in Christmas chapel.